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i have bad teeth and i i have no money to get them fix there making me really sick and i have heart problems and need to get them fix

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I am currently a Dental school student looking for patients to treat at NOVA southeastern university college of dental medicine (located in Davie, FL). We provide comprehensive dental care for a fraction of the cost of outside dental offices. Give me a call if you are interested in becoming a patient/scheduling an appointment. My number is 703-867-8691.

Again, this clinic is located at NOVA dental school
Address: 3200 S. University Drive
Davie, FL 33328
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 in response to Wat2do...   fuck off
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 in response to Blowhard...   Your name speaks volumes. Get off this site. A complaint has been filed. Go to hell and fuck off. These people are in pAin-physically & emotionally by now. Get a life asshole!
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I have bad teeth am an 18 year old girl i live in s.a, i cant even smaill becouse of my teeth i real real need help any one who can help me plz contact me on 0786483983 plz
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I'm not sure where *precisely* I found this link, but it was through someone on here:
I'm planning to contact my local ones tomorrow. This might help us all.
So whoever listed this, thank you!
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 in response to Desperate n scared...   Can you go to your doctor, and at least get on antibiotics, something safe enough for your baby? That will at least help you cope with your mouth infection for now.
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Check with a college of dentistry close to you, they offer free dental and discounted dental work due to the fact they need people for their students to work on.
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 in response to Bob the accountant :)...   Bob the accountant, I need to know where your dental school is b/c I can no longer afford the high priced dentists, I suffer because of this, I do not blame the dentists, I am educated, made a very good living all my life, have always worked and now 50 years old and have to ask for help. Someone please help, I miss smiling like many here. Alls I want for Christmas is the ability to smile without scaring people. Maybe be able to eat without pain again.
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 in response to Desperate n scared...   What city and state are you near?
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Desperate n scared
I am in dire need of getting an agency to help me find a way for all my teeth to be pulled! I am 5 months pregnant and havent seen a dentist since i was probably 17 years old when I lost my medicaid. I have chronic infection all in my mouth which is life threatening to me and my unborn baby. I am scared for both of us, somebody please help us ? I have pccm medicaid for my pregnancy but they dont help with dental after your 21 years old which I am 34 years old and everybody seems to be giving me the wrong info and no luck yet! So if anybody out there knows any way to help me with this situation My family and I would greatly appreciate it! I stay in a great deal of pain every single day cant sleep hardly eat or drink its very bad. We are a low income family that cant afford these expenses right now!
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 in response to Bob the accountant :)...   Concerning, feeling sorry for the hard work of the dentists educational experience. This is the wrong board for that.
I don't care about them. I don't even care about their teeth.. I care about my teeth. I care about your teeth. They don't. Its that simple. If you get on a dentist site specifically for dentists. One concept keeps coming up. Whats best for their families. That is all they care about. Im not saying to much is wrong with that. Im not blaming the dentists. I don't see this as their problems. They work, they work hard, they get paid. I think they should get paid. I would like to see them get paid what they are worth, and also see the patient pay what the experience is worth. This dental problem in America is a horrible tragedy.
Its another sign of: Is it all right that others should die that I may live as I wish!
I have had good teeth at one time. Im preparing myself for their permanent loss. IF I do get them worked on, or try to save them. I will be in dept. for ever. I am praying all the time about this. ITs hard to buckle under. I don't believe in my own country destroying its own people. This is not a good thing. It is not a sign of success.

 in response to teethareapain...   Discounted or free Dental clinics wont work. They may if your lucky. Not taking any customers at this time. Call back later.  Call back. Sorry, we are not taking new costumers at this time...  call back later.

Messed up Molars
 in response to danimacvarsitycollegerobina...   don't come on here and correct people's spelling asshole. If you don't have a problem why are you on here commenting? Are you sick in the head or something and enjoy reading about other people's pain?
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 in response to zer0...   True this. I have a huge hole in one of my teeth from my candy addiction and it absolutely HURTS nonstop. I can't think about anything else, and I can't afford to get it filled. I have a crowned tooth also that falls out and I have to stick it back in so I can't even eat with the left side of my mouth because I'm afraid of it falling out and me swallowing it.

America is going bankrupt and we'll all be hunting animals for food and looting stores.
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huh. really bad teeth here as well. not enough coverage. can't afford it. s$$t outta luck. oh well, looks like the governments and health care could care less then. i am wondering if it's a EUGENICS AGENDA. just might be. remember: the governments and pharma don't care if you live or die... it's about MONEY, not about your LIFE.
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Bob the accountant :)
Hi all. As I said before, and Pghgirl re-iterated, GO to the DENTAL school!. Just some facts for those that believe dentistry is too expensive... Average cost of dental education is $250,000. The average dental student goes to school for 8.5 years before they graduate. Dental school entry requires a 4 year degree and a high GPA- higher than MD school does on average. It is harder to get into dental school than medical school. The average dental practice costs over $500,000 to open. This is if the dentist RENTS the space. The average cost per hour to operate a dental clinic is $312. That means that to keep the doors open, not including paying off loans and not including personal salary... a dentist must make an average of $312 per hour. Stop complaining! Go to the dental school. Just FYI- the new healthcare plan is killing medicine, our freshman class includes 2 MDs that had already graduate. They quit because they could no longer make money. The same is like ly to happen to dentistry in a few years because the administration is planning to add dentistry to the socialized health care plan. Dentists and MDs work hard to get where they are. They pay insane amounts of money to be educated. They don't deserve to be made into slaves. On the other side of things.... for people that have marketable skills, OFFER TO TRADE your skills for work. If you have no skills, I have no sympathy for you ... what the hell have you done with your life???
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 in response to Rose-in-Pain...   Go to a dental school. I went to the University of Pittsburgh dental school and got my two teeth pulled for $140 total.
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 in response to butterb22...   so how did you get pregnant if Guys won't date you seems wierd some of these post are counter productive. Anyhow everyone is having a hard time have a bunch of kids change your color, and go on government assitiance seems the only hope people have anymore. Life sucks I wish the world would end.
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Will someone pay it forward to help me? I am a 41 yr old man who tries my very best in life to be a good father and friend to all. I truly try to help when and where i can. Anyway my teeth are all so very bad and this has stopped me from being able to work( sickness i mean) and i am in constant pain and worrie about my health. Please will someone help me to get these teeth pulled? I am willing to give all that i possibly can to pay it forward. Maybe we could all pull together to help each other,please let us help each other and live in happiness free of pain. please find me on facebook Richard Roberts from Wartrace,TN God Bless You!!
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I guess too many of us are going through the same thing! :( I'm only 24 years old and have already had 5 molars pulled out with the dentists' intention of putting in implants that I frankly just cannot afford! I have a condition where I do not produce much saliva (which negatively affects teeth) and on top of that, I have extremely weak teeth. Apparently that is something that can be passed on genetically! Both sides grandparents' had full dentures before grandfather actually had none of his original teeth by age 19! My father, who flosses and brushes religiously, has had extensive dental work done and it seems he goes in twice a month because of more problems. My mother has maybe 50% of her original teeth. My older sister, who is 26 also has an insane amount of work that needs to be done. We live in Hawai'i, where it is (and has been for too long) sooo hard to get a job! Because I haven't been able to afford the enormous amounts dentists charge, all the problems are just stcking up. I now need my top front 4 teeth replaced or repaired...but honestly, replaced seems smarter so I don't have to deal with even more money fixing them later. And to the dummy who said 'They're just teeth', SERIOUSLY?! You obviously don't know what it's like to not smile in public or be extremely embarrassed if you do. It's surprising how strongly your smile connects to your self esteem. Having a smile you're ashamed of is heart breaking. And sadly, not everyone can afford the cost, and others also can't get dental coverage. It sucks! People who don't have those problems should really be more sympathetic.
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